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Are you after something funky and fresh on your special day?  Do you want more out of your DJ than the old guy your cousin Steve got for his wedding?  If that’s the case, make your cousin Steve jealous, and invite me to do the DJ honours. 

I’m Matt, I go by the ‘artist’ name Favourite Son.  When I’m not writing music, recording music or performing music, I’m spinning music at parties, weddings and venues for groovy folks like you. 

Whether it’s a classy poolside cocktail party, wedding, sunrise chill-out set on the beach, or a raucous house party set, I’ve DJ’d for well over 10 years, from the rooftop clubs of the Gold Coast to the fancy private soiree’s of Byron Bay’s glitterati, and beyond. 

I have a huge library of tunes from the well-known to the mo' obscure - from chill to house to hiphop to disco and back again.  I like to craft a set to suit the atmosphere of the venue and the clientele, and I also like to bring percussion to add that live element.

If stock-standard apprentice DJ is what you require for your party, I’m busy that night.  BUT if you want loads of funky, deep, fun music that your guests will boogie down to, I’ll check my diary….

Click here to download my promo pdf.

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